O Voice, O Word

O Voice, O Word

by John Daniel Raines

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released September 18, 2014

Music for Escalators and Prufrock by John Daniel Raines, Andrew Ryan Shepherd, Justin Sanders, and Austin Burge.
All other music and lyrics by John Daniel Raines.



all rights reserved


John Daniel Raines Chicago, Illinois

John is a musician living in the suburbs of Chicago. When not making music, he spends much of his time finishing nursing school, writing poetry and contemplative essays, mulling about his church, and smiling at people, or else looking very intently at them. ... more

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Track Name: Beyond All Signs
So much snow
And everything a sign from You.
For two years
I've tried not to hide from You.
Did you say,
"The storm will be a sign for you"?

I have known it as
a thousand pains with just
one name.
And You were there,
You gave us all a sign so strange.
Son of God, for a thousand pains
You gave a single aid
Unlike anything we'd prayed.
What is it?

If I die,
Put my body in the earth,
It will tunnel to Jerusalem.
Land of sorrows,
Meet me out beyond all signs.
Or sing me there
in a chariot of fire
sing like the powers in the choir
of God. Holy holy.

I can see into a good land.
I will not forget what You have said.
Take me there because you love me.
Give me Truth to be my bread.
Track Name: Listen
Mountains cannot be flattened so we can wave to each other
Valleys cannot be raised up so we won’t fall
But they can be,
when you listen

What’s in the grave cannot be lifted back to life
What’s never said cannot be written down and put to song
But it can be,
when you listen

Oh voice,
Oh word,
Around my head
The waters stirred

What is not bread cannot fill an empty man
What is not clothes cannot robe a naked man
But it can
When you listen

Oh voice.
Oh word,
Around my head
The waters stirred
And I was raised
Track Name: Promises
lets buy an old house and fix it up right
lets buy an old rundown place and make it just right
when we are young, we will learn what it means to endure
what it means to be battered, and patched and calm
lets move in, my love, and lets learn to be strong

if you won't shut the window, i'll pray it won't rain,
if you'll not shut the window, we might feel the rain,
we might wake up shaking like children in fear
or we might in the morning when east hits the west
feel the sun on our faces and a breeze on our chests.

la, la, la, la...

we locked all the doors, when your mother, she died
i checked all the doors were locked when your mother died,
we packed clothes for the week, and i drove the whole way
and i thought of my mother, kissed her in january
as we knelt on the ground where my father is buried.

like our Father
like what is his
widest love and
deep with promise
we are given
to each other
like the Son and
like his lover

i don't know how the shadows turn light into water,
i don't know why the light through leaves looks like water,
when its stretched out and thin near the end of the day
and we're drowning the fall in the silence we keep
in the evening stream, we'll walk home quietly.
Track Name: Escalators
When we looked at first it seemed
that the world had slipped away,
that all the angles, lines and curves
had vanished with the day.
And we were orphans, we were drifting
in a darkness like the sea,
and we mourned our own existence,
hoping it would prove to be unreal.

And so we sang, "We are hanging like a mist above the sea.
Into a cloud we will gather, and when we fall we shall be free."

But when we looked again, it seemed
that the dark began to pale
and the shroud we thought had blocked the sun
was a thin and tattered veil.
And though at first it seemed
that we'd been birthed astride a grave,
though the fall had bruised our heels,
we had landed somewhere safe.

And so we sang, "We are looking through a piece of clouded glass
for we are standing at the window of a house that will not last."
And we will sing for resurrection like the gulls that cry for sea,
And in the morning when we'll be gathered, when we rise we shall be free.
Track Name: Margarete
Margarete, would you give me your hand?
Could I take you around the floor?
Would you give me another dance?
Margarete, could I sing you a song?
Could I tell you about the time I've had
Since you've been gone?

I was trying so hard to forget how I missed you,
I miss you and want you near

Margarete, could you sing me a song?
Could you teach me the words that your heart sings?
Could I sing along?
Margarete, could I look in your eyes?
Could I run my fingers through your hair?
When you laugh I feel so alive.

Every path we have walked on together
And every path we've walked apart
Has brought us back here to this place with each other
Has given us back our hearts.

Margarete, would you give me your hand?
Would you rest your head upon my chest?
Would you love me again?
Track Name: Prufrock
I wanted to fall in love,
but I did not have the courage.

They come and go, they come and go

There's something in the way we hold our faces
And a sadness in the singing by the fireside
And an echo in the distance says,
"We die, we die, we die".
It is fearful for the singers are alive.
And I wanted to write a love song
But it seemed to call for too much courage,
Yes, I wanted to fall in love, in love, in love,
But I did not have the courage

They come and go, they come and go.

In the foam and the spray,
Breathing water as we wake.
We have lain upon the shore,
Let us linger there no more.